Tuesday 9 June 2009

"Feline Brains And Style, Ur Doing It Wrong" - The Frontrunners At The Halfway Stage In The Witless-Looking Cats Competition

Leo from Sidsel:

Loki from Jason:

Mo from Rhonda:

Mr Pickles from Jodi:

Obi-Wan from Marina:

Oli from Steph:

Pellos from Jessica:

Peppa from Nancy:

Percy from Larua:

Pixie from Santi:

Pumpkin from Candace:

Rubadoodle from Sarah:

Tabby from Rachel:

Thaddeus from Rachel:

The Pee Monster from Amanda:

Villi from Lindsey:

Zolan from Bev:

Kitty from Brainne:

Gingy Bear from Teena:

Jack from Deanna:

Fats from Lisa:

Emery from Corrinne:

Double C from Grace:

Doos from Rachel:

Dexter from Stephanie:

Dante from Petra:

Caesar from Lou:

Bunny And Hickory from Anna:

Boris from Alison:

Allu from Katja:

Alfi and Sam from Sammy:


The Curious Cat said...

Percy and Boris are quite amusing - how can cats end up in those situations and look so demure about it all?

jmuhj said...


Hajnal said...

Obiwan! Obiwan!

Anonymous said...

the pee monster absolutely cracks me up.

Karen Jo said...

Some of these kitties just look extremely comfortable, but they are all great pictures of cats not at their best.

rachel kitko said...

Where's Stinky? That cat has the others beat by a country mile -- he looks like he's got the mental capacity of a bag of hammers.