Friday 20 January 2012

My Cat Is A Dick

Frankly, I'm surprised this website took so long to exist.

Thursday 5 January 2012

Talk To The Tail is out in paperback today!

Have you ordered YOUR copy yet?

Some nice things people have said about the book:

"If you think this very funny book is just about cats, you will be joyfully mistaken. Talk to the Tail also magnificently covers everything from depressed tigers to judgmental horses to mischievous alter ego spaniels to Jon Bon Jovi. I, myself, am allergic to cats, but with Tom's realistic and descriptive powers, I'm definitely not allergic to this book." - Rich Fulcher

"Even a confirmed and partisan dog person such as myself cannot fail to be charmed by Tom Cox's gently seductive prose and his quirky tales of singular feline behaviour. A delight." - Stuart Maconie

"If you've ever been owned by a cat, you'll love this. Books about animals can be mawkish, but this one is often hilarious, occasionally sad, and full of the strangeness of sharing your life with a loved pet." -Woman's Weekly

"Warm, wryly witty, hilariously observed and more often than not, genuinely laugh-out-loud funny." -Easy Living

"A book with a sting in the tail that may give pause to even the most cynical petaphobe." - Mail On Sunday

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