Sunday 30 December 2012

Not The Cat Whisperer

People use the phrase 'Cat Whisperer' but in truth it's unlikely that one of those could ever be particularly effective. What would be more likely would be a Human Whisperer: a cat who had his own TV show where he went around whispering stuff like "I own your soul" to problematic humans.

Sunday Bearpic

Thursday 20 December 2012

Today I Went To Meet Some Hedgehogs

Today I went to a hedgehog hospital. Best story I heard while I was there: "One hedgehog arrived here alone in a taxi. The driver said the fare was already covered."

Added the lady in charge of the hedgehog hospital, after a pause: ""It had come 40 miles, all the way from Watford."

Wednesday 19 December 2012

A Reader Painted A Picture Of The Bear

Kitten Advice: What To Do If Your Kitten Clones Itself

If your kitten is very intelligent and gets lonely, it may clone itself, so it has a friend whose opinion it knows it will agree with and who might help it bully you for toys and egg-based meals. To ensure this doesn't happen again, punish your kitten by inviting the clone kitten in, but locking your original kitten outside.