Sunday 3 May 2009

Janet's Retro Litter Lake: Today's Item...

Name: Wildlife Choobs
Country Of Origin: France
Formerly Containing: Mini jellybean monkey or koala bear.
Tagline: "Baby Koalas Are The Size Of A Jellybean When They're Born."
Vintage: 7-8 years (estimated).
Signs of attachment: Longing looks, companionable silences, gentle placing on the lawn.
Weirdness rating: 5/10


Red Medic said...

I reckon (despite considerable evidence to the contrary) that Janet is actually a very bright cat. Having sussed that a dead mouse or bird produced only shuddering horror from his humans, he's observed what it is we actually consume and is trying to bring you 'presents' that you might actually like. Could you try suggesting to him that a crisp £20 is more appropriate...?

jmuhj said...

BIG Janet fans here. MASSIVE.