Saturday 24 January 2009

Thumb Cat

Guest Cats Of The Month here at Little Cat Diaries, when asked the question "What would you do to make the world a better place for felines?", are frequently heard to answer, "Give cats opposable thumbs!" (well I don't actually hear them, but presumably their owners do before filling in the questionnaires on their behalf). Personally, I'm not sure that we should be encouraging this sort of behaviour, since it seems like the next dangerous step to a world completely ruled by cats. That said, I can't help being a fan of the Thumb Cat blog, which follows the adventures of Ike, a real life-cat with, er, well, thumbs. Check it out: those things are not photoshopped.


AnjayRose said...

I think kitties with thumbs are so super cute. Scary that they might be able to get their own tuna...but still cute. Thanks for letting me follow you!

jmuhj said...

DANG! This is one QTE kitteh! And talented? He'll have my job next! (Uh oh, he DOES have my job!)