Wednesday 6 March 2013

Some Toys That My Cats Actually Like

Being stubborn nonconformists, like most of their species, my cats have a history of being completely indifferent to the more expensive toys I buy them, yet often wildly fascinated by the packaging they arrive in. Longtime readers of this blog will remember their indifference to the The Panic Mouse, although they did have hours of fun with the polystyrene beads it was packed in, so my £22.99 turned out not to be completely wasted. I have, however, learned from this experience and have recently largely stuck to more "organic" toys (I'm talking about leaves and pens and crap like that), and the odd packet of uncut catnip - one which my ex-lodger came dangerously close to smoking by mistake - but these new toys from The Frenzy (see below) turned my house into something halfway between a cat crack den and adventure playground yesterday. It was very entertaining, largely because I have always liked to picture my cats as a seventies rock band, and it was interesting to see this band in disarray due to all the classic symptoms we've seen so many times before: drugs, in-fighting, ego wars, chasing some feathers on a long twangy stick, falling in love with a strange furry green vegetable. I wholeheartedly recommend the experience for all procrastinators and fans of VH1's Behind The Music series. 

Check out the Frenzy range at the Purrs In Our Hearts Cat Rescue site. 

Frenzy toy after twelve hours of special kind of loving from Ralph:


anji said...

Simple pieces of velcro lead tidies for our little 5 month old Samwise. Throw them & he brings them back to you....for hours...& hours...zzzz. Maise used to retrieve her cat nip mouse up to about when she was 1 year old. They are cats, really!

notquiteblackcat said...

Rolled up velcro wire tidies are the thing for our little black 5 month old Samwise. He even brings them back for you to throw again...and again...and again...Maisie used to retrieve a catnip mouse until she was about a year old. They are cats, really!

notquiteblackcat said...

Velcro lead tidies are what our little black 5 month old kitten loves best. He even brings them back for you to throwagain...and again...and again...Maisie used to retrieve her catnip mice until she was about a year old. They are cats, really!

LouiseTGUK said...

I am the creator and manufacturer of the Frenzy Cat Toy range and would like to thank you for the above post :-)

There is nothing to compare with reading how something I have made with my own hands meets with the approval of the kitties out there.

Tanya at Purrs and myself are working hard to take the cat toy world by storm and several new refills are due for release very shortly to further the kitty teasing fun :-D

Anonymous said...

Strings and ribbons, chestnuts and dry leaves and brances are far better than most of the expensive stuff I bought ... and gave away to a cat shelter.

Unknown said...

Only one of my cats plays and he loves catching foil balls that we just make from the stuff in the kitchen after he pushes them under the sofa. The other cat just likes chasing her tail. :-/