Sunday 2 August 2009

Janet's Retro Litter Lake: Latest Find

Name: Expo Stillwater Groundbait
Country Of Origin: Norfolk (yeah, it's a country - do you have a problem with that?)
Tagline: "Marcel Van Den Eynde, 3 Time World Champion" (World Champion at what - having groundbait?)
Vintage: 2-6 years
Signs of attachment: Top garden step priority placement (above Walkers crisp packet, Somerfield carrier bag and something that looked worrying like an extra large algae-flavoured condom).
Weirdness rating: 7/10


@Lester's said...

Norfolk IS a country. I speak with some authority here. They do things differently, and more often (greatest uptake [ahem] of viagra in the UK, I've read. Must be those very long winter nights when the furniture has been pushed back against the walls and there's nothing left to do). Do not venture over the border without local currency and an interpreter.

jmuhj said...

JA, but Janet found it, Janet likes it, and that's that. DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT??? ;)