Monday 7 July 2008

Most Menacing Kitten: More Contenders

Today's article in the Metro newspaper has prompted a deluge of entries, but perhaps the most remarkable thing about the entries is the standard of menacing kittens.

From top: Finn, from Claire (showing a healthy disdain for Jeremy Kyle). Freya, from Kirstie. Leo from Lynsey. Mr. Nobbs, from Mary (also shortly to be shown in his later, grow-up form above). Nigel, from Rachel. Bud, from Jemima. Chips from Bill. Darth from Caroline ("attacked a huge dog at the vets when he was just seven weeks old"). Dennis, from Louise. Emma, from Petra.


Anonymous said...

Finn is beautiful, is he a Devon or Cornish Rex?

Anonymous said...

Ah thankyou, Finn is a silver tabby Devon Rex

Kittyoshea said...

Freya to win....she looks like a menace...the claws are out and everything...GO FREYA!!!!

Anonymous said...

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