Wednesday 9 July 2008

Hard Moggies: The Final Catdown

Deadline for submissions for the Hard-Looking Cats competition is 4PM GMT today, 9th July. All entries, together with cat's name, owner's name and address, should be sent to Please send no more than two pics and if you could keep it to attachments that aren't massive, that would be appreciated.

Don't be shy about inviting your friends to post their enthusiasm beneath the pics: I might be judging this, but I'm also notoriously suggestible.

To recap: the first prize is a signed copy of Under The Paw: Confessions Of A Cat Man and a job lot of the delicious (according to The Bear, who has very refined tastes) Applaws cat food. I'll also be giving away two more signed copies of Under The Paw to the second and third place finishers and one for the most menacing-looking kitten. Scroll down through the blog to see what you're competing against...

P.S. If any newcomers would like to join the Under The Paw facebook group, click HERE.

The Bear, outraged that he hasn't been provided with his usual Applaws this mealtime (photo courtesy of Jason Bye)

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