Monday 7 July 2008

Hard Cats: The Latest Contenders

Thanks to everyone for the last lot of entries in the Hard-Looking Cats competition. Just as a reminder: the deadline is now midnight on Wednesday. There really has been a deluge of pictures today in the wake of the Metro article, so apologies if your mog didn't make it. I'm now having to have a cut-off point in the lower reaches of mog hardness. Still, all of these below scare the bejesus out of me, and in such eclectic ways, too!

From top: Tasha, from Marie. Star from Louise. Spike from Becky. Sophie, from Angie. Shadow from MJ. Xena from Amanda ("not quite as mentally able as other cats," according to her vet, who had to staple her lip back to her chin after a stunt went wrong). Tyson from Keela and Stephan. Toranach from Fiona. Tigger from Vanessa. The Little One, from Megan.

More to follow very shortly....

1 comment:

Unknown said...

aww dats my little!!
see his saggy tummy!!
heheh i lubs him
vote he is so hard!!