Wednesday 2 July 2008

Dramatic Last Ditch Dash For The Title From Tardy, Somewhat Psychotic Moggies

Rarely has the phrase 'last but not least' seemed more appropriate: Pat from Andy And Fiona ("Note the missing tooth - probably lost whilst biting a man"), Pirate From Cathy (her neighbour's one-eyed cat), Sid Vicious from Shobhain, The Muel from Julia, Tilly from Bruno, Castro From Sheri (a cat that's not only hard but radioactive), Gloucester from Selena, Jasper from Abigail, Murphy from Emma (are you serious, Emma?) and Oscar from Jeff.

I'm tempted to add several of these to the shortlist (see two posts below), but I think it's only Sid Vicious and Tilly who really make the grade. Tilly is obviously a comically ineffectual name for a hard cat, but I don't think I've ever seen a feline look so menacing - haunting, even - whilst damp. It's also been suggested by my closest advisors that Castro should be going on the list, but I get the sense that, as fuming as he looks in this pic, two minutes after it was taken he'd reverted to being a, well, pussycat.


Anonymous said...

Yay Gloucester a Catbook friend! Ok so Jasper didn't make it to the short list BUT I love his expression! Great photo!

CatWitch said...

What a great line-up & I'm thrilled that Castro was under consideration. But you're quite right: although he bullies Twinkie a bit and has his grumpy moments, he really is a pansy pussycat! =^.^=

Anonymous said...

What a scary bunch!!!


Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

If I were the postman I would go nowhere near the top one.

Zorro to win! He tears up lawns for goodness sake. How hard can you get?
Plus he has got the best name ever. Brilliant owner to choose it. He must be a constant comedy companion.

Actually I had the hardest cat ever. He was called Timmy and fought the Akita Dog I stupidly brought home before leaving me to live with a mad lady in the village whose house had 20 cats in. He was the Boss appparently.Hard. Hard. hard.

Jo said...

The picture of PAT is it

Anonymous said...

what sweet looking cats and so funny too :-)


Dee said...

Best of luck to all the contenders....They are all great...Glad it's not my job to pick a winner!!...I'd have too many First places...Lol