Sunday 1 March 2009

Men And Cats: A Site About Men, And Cats

This is quite a cool, smouldering photo, and I'm sure evokes a pretty appealing, romantic 1970s Californian hippie ideal of man-mog harmony for many of Men And Cats' female readers, but you can guarantee that tabby has only jumped on that bloke's chest because it knows he's desperate for a piss.

Check more out HERE (they gave this pussywhipped sap an entry too).


Angie, Catladyland said...

I love this blog and will add it to my reading list. I have a cat-man too :) By the way, check out my blog -- it's mostly humorous scribblings about cats, but I also write about ridiculously random topics.

jmuhj said...

Way to go, Tom. I don't know from the humor, but I LOVE the cat/man connection and applaud it heartily.