Saturday 6 December 2008

I truly do has a sad...

Over the last couple of days, a small publishing nightmare has struck. It's a nightmare that could be looked upon positively, since it's transpired as a result of Under The Paw's popularity, but it's nonetheless a frustrating one: the book has a) run out of copies and b) not been reprinted yet! To everyone who has emailed to say that they can no longer order it on Amazon - I'm sorry about all of this. Apparently a few remaining copies can be found at Waterstones.

In the meantime, it would be lovely if you could help me let Simon and Schuster know if you need to find a copy; maybe if they hear that enough people still want to buy it they might speed up the reprint! Their email:

In addition, just like the typical twelve-year-old that he is, Janet has come up with a Facebook petition. Please sign it if you're on there...


Anonymous said...

Email Sent
Linda & Jo
The Renaissance Cat Faire

Anonymous said...

I have sent the email.
Hope for treats!
and The Cozy Cats

tim relf said...

I suppose all you can do is console yourself that enough people wanted it to make it sell out!
Come on S&S - get a reprint out!
Love the sad cat, incidentally.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, Janet really do has a sad. I sent an email to the publisher...I hope its effective enough. I did mention the words mini revolt and Ham know...