Tuesday 15 October 2013

The Bear Does His First Ever Interview With His Followers On Facebook And Twitter

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The Doctor and Rose said...

Well that's just great! I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! Thank you!

clingycat said...

was so excited my question was answered!!!! please don't move house!!!! I love your place. xoxoxxo

clingycat said...

Thank you for answering our question.

I'd like to request that you never tell us when The Bear goes OTRB. I couldn't cope. Instead please take many pictures now & just keep tweeting them. I need at least one pet that will live forever!!!!

Thanking you xoxoxo

Sarah said...

I'm relieved to read his answer about beetles vs. stones! :)

Anonymous said...

Just went downstairs as Biscuit was making a racket. The Bear, who we haven't seen for weeks, was on the other side of the window, clearly making one last heroic effort to say his goodbyes. I got there just in time to see him forlornly slope off as the one true love of his life scratched disdainfully from the other side of the window pane, and with a flick of her paw, dismissed him for possibly the last time - heartbreaking

From the staff of Biscuit Manor