Wednesday 27 October 2010

Fainting Kittens


Anonymous said...

What a horrible trait to have. I hope they aren't breeding this. Poor little guys! :(

Julie said...

I hope that that was edited to make it seem like it happens so often and they don't 'faint' too often in real life. They seemed fine afterwards -if a bit bemused- but it was distressing to watch and I don't see how they can have anything approaching normal lives.
Certainly they need to be indoor only cats.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they faint when they get excited. Narcolepsy perhaps? I hope they don't breed em for that characteristic, defo should only be indoor cats!

Julie said...

According to a newspaper report today the black and white kitten, 'Spike', died from respiratory failure on 27th October. The tabby, Charlie, is currently okay and is due to soon begin treatment which may help his condition.
Poor little things. I do wonder how much the owner deliberately causing sudden noises to make them react eventually contributed to Spike's death.

Jacq said...

looks like a sort of seizure behaviour - likely Spike aspirated something when he had one, or his system just gave out. maybe an arrythmia component too...either way.. not good :( couldnt watch after the first couple

The Lee County Clowder said...

Some information copied from the YouTube video:

charlie and spike are two kittens with myotonia congenita, otherwise known as 'fainting goat' syndrome. at the slightest sound or movement, the kittens respond by collapsing and falling into a rigid paralysis which lasts about a minute before they return to normal. ... The kittens are able to walk, but they cannot run or jump. aside from this they are normal

There is some more information about the kitties and their planned treatment at that link.

The bad news is they both died shortly after that video was made.