Wednesday 2 December 2009

Breaking News: 'Dancing With Cats' - Possibly Not A Spoof After All


The Curious Cat said...

Pretty impressive stuff! How they do that I do not know... xxx

T said...

I wonder if I can start my own cat circus.......hmm.....I am looking for a new career. And hey - we should send this video to everyone who says cats cannot be trained! ha!
Single in the city - with cat(s)

Debra Taylor said...

Wow this was really interesting! I never knew any humans were training cats to do this type of thing! I guess the key is finding cats that want to please you. I have not met many like that. And shouldn't this guy get his cats spay/neutered? Maybe they do not have an overpopulation in Russia.

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Thank you,

Talk to Your Angels

jmuhj said...

And thankfully, they say the training is done kindly and that the family truly loves cats. But c'mon, tovarich, Vlad, dude, SPAY/NEUTER!!!