Friday 2 October 2009

Janet's Spiritual Littermate

As Mark astutely pointed out on last night's brilliant episode of Peep Show, it's very unlikely that you'll find your one true soulmate in the same part of the world as you and not, say, a village in Mozambique. Janet's, it seems, is a cat called Dusty in San Mateo, California. Dusty's taste is, however, a bit classier than Janet's, whose findings I have chosen not to keep, for obvious hygiene reasons.


jmuhj said...

I find myself strangely empathetic to Janet. AND Dusty. Signed, languishing in la-la land

Anonymous said...

how do u find ur cats soulmate ? i got princess kittykat 4 maxiecat thought they would be soulmates but princess terrifys maxi & all she wants 2 do is chew his tail off & eat his food so ive ended up with a mean 13wk old kitten & a very cross 11yr old cat & charlie mouse a very bewildered teenage cat not good

Jane said...

I wonder why Dusty dragged home Richie Cunningham.