Wednesday 28 May 2008


Well, it's actually officially published on Monday, but it's available now on amazon. Click HERE for more info.


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

I got my copy and already read it! I will be doing a review over the weekend.....but the TAYLOR CATSSSSS give it A FIVE CAT rating!!!



Mr. Hendrix said...

wow! you got a book! that is so cool!

Jans Funny Farm said...

We have our book, but we're still working our way through "Thanking the Monkey" which we started a couple of weeks before receiving yours. It is very sad but educational reading.

Can't wait to read your book!

Anonymous said...

Hello Cat Dude,

I spotted & picked up your book in a well known supermarket where every little helps the other day (Well I say I, it was actually my fully converted cat man who spotted it & picked it up.) It's a thoroughly enjoyable read & I was chortling out loud from the second page in. It's interesting to read your experiences & see the parallels with our own cat tails ;) Can't wait to read more.
All the best to you & your furry tribe.

Sally, Ashley, Ella (aka gitface) & Steve (aka fat'ed)

Unknown said...

Thanks for letting me know! And I love that one of your cats is called Gitface. I'm definitely feeling rather well-disposed towards Tesco at the moment. Should you be moved to express your enjoyment with a couple of sentences on the book's amazon page, which is a bit bare thus far, that would be much appreciated!

Bella said...

I saw your book in the same supermarket, bought it immediately and ended up staying up very late to finish it. I really enjoyed it. It made me laugh out loud - I kept thinking 'oh, your lot do that too!'. (Although they do lots of things mine don't, but, then, I only have three...) It's also been gratifying to be reminded I'm not the only one: I'm not spoiling them, it's not my fault, they don't give you any choice! All the best to you and your large family!

Anonymous said...

Consider your - glowing - Amazon review written.

& how could I forget a user name like Six Sodding Cats!? You've been in my (our) friends list on myspace for ages but the penny's only just dropped! Oh Boy!

Sally, Ashley, Ella (also aka elliewelliewoowoos) & Steve (also aka the probably highly un-pc spazmoboy. I suspect the ginger gene to be at work somewhere with him.)