Thursday 15 May 2008

Janet In Exclusive "Seeing The Word From A New Angle" Pose

The above picture is for regular Little Cat Diaries reader Helen, who has pointed out that in his photos, Janet always seems to be the wrong way up. Well, Helen, there is a very logical explanation for this: Janet is a rare Norwegian Upside Down Cat. These are cats who come from the forests of eastern Norway, and spent up to 95% of their day in a topsy turvy position, owning to the strange weight distribution in their bodies. The above pose might look natural enough, but it actually involved a series of miniscule anchors and pegs. And while one might imagine that that original pressing of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew (since sold for £14 - the ebay vinyl market really isn't what it used to be!) in the background has been placed there for reasons of pure vanity, closer inspection would have revealed that it was all part of the complex apparatus employed to keep Janet from tipping over. It wasn't Janet's idea. Being more of a traditionalist, he actually prefers Kind Of Blue.


meemsnyc said...

95% of their day in a topsy turvy position!! Wow!

Black Cat said...

Janet looks a little confused in that photo, possibly due to his being propped in a non-upside-down position?! :) xxx

Unknown said...

Thank you, Janet for letting me see you the right way up. I am truly honoured and my neck feels much better with not having to try and see what you really look like. I guess we all look funny to you now. How do you manage to eat upside down? And all that other stuff cats do? Perhaps Norwegian Upside Down cats don't do the messy smelly things that other none upside down cats do?
Anyway, you are a very handsome Norwegian Upside Down Cat.
I work with a Norwegian lady and I will ask her about these rare Norwegian cats...... You say they spend 95% of their day in this topsy turvy position. How do they spend the rest of the 5% of the day? Probably horizontal as most of my cats do. Although they spend 95% of the day horizontal with the odd vertical trip to the cat litter trays and the food dish.
Many thanks for the photo. Much appreciated.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

I always prefer to look away from the camera as well--who wants to just look at it?