Friday, 24 April 2015

CAT REPORT, 24.4.2015

CAT REPORT Cat 1: Messing up duvet. Cat 2: Asleep in a drawer. Cat 3: Meowing at a bin. Cat 4: Doing clerical work. OVERALL CAT RATING: 2/10


Rebecca said...

I managed to shut the late, great, Raymond in a drawer for quite a while. I had to throw away a lot of my underwear.

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOLOL! love it--some cat HAS to do the cat report!

Anna H said...

I'd like to take issue with your cat rating score.

Surely it should be at least 7/10?

Isn't there a review system, like DRS, that the cats can use?

*Drunk internet posting*

Unknown said...

I love the doing clerical work. What kind of clerical work? Filing? Taking minutes for a meeting between all of the cats?

Anonymous said...

Maybe your rating system needs refinement,Tom.
My cat report:
1. Chewing through food waste corn bag left in kitchen sink which had mostly satsuma peel in it to steal small scrap of gammon rind
2. Doing lots of play bites which are not that playful really
Cat Rating: 9/10 entertainment 2/10 being good cats

Anonymous said...

I think clerical work means sitting on writer's desk mostly getting in the way while he tries to work on important stuff which is close to deadline.