Sunday 9 November 2014

@MYSADCAT goodies for people who'd like to get to know The Bear better

Here are a few links to @MYSADCAT stuff for people who've started following The Bear recently and would like to get to know him better. I've included links below purely because I know that a lot of people find that the most convenient place to buy from, but, if I'm honest, my ideal choice would be that you buy from, who support independent bookshops and represent a fairer, less soulless future for the publishing industry. If you're outside the UK, wordery is an independent site which does free worldwide delivery (and, unlike fellow free international deliverer The Book Depository, is not owned by amazon).

Under The Paw is the first book about The Bear and friends.

Talk To The Tail is the second book about The Bear and friends.

The Good, The Bad And The Furry is the third - and most recent - book about The Bear and friends.

There is also a 2015 @MYSADCAT calendar and some @MYSADCAT Christmas cards available. Both are best purchased direct from the publishers, Graffeg, who will deliver anywhere worldwide.

If you're outside the UK, wordery is an independent site which does free worldwide delivery. That said, it has sold out of The Good, The Bad And The Furry right now, unlike The Book Depository, who also do free worldwide delivery.

(NB: For those who have asked recently, there will be a fourth book about The Bear next autumn, published by Little Brown.)


Anonymous said...

How much are the books and calendar in U.S. dollars? Sorry, I don't do math.

Unknown said...

The best thing to do is to email the publishers, Graffeg, direct about this.

Flynn in US said...

Wordery is apparently sold out of Under the Paw, but still has copies of the other two books. I hope they make sense without the first...:-)

krazedkate said...

Bear you are more famous than quote John Lennon lol

Squirl said...

So pleased that you're writing another book. Can't wait for it!


vp said...

I just ordered multiple copies of all 3 books and the calendar for Christmas gifts, so thanks for helping me complete my holiday shopping. The Bear is a favorite in our home and we really love your work.

One small request, I understand that in a perfect world we could all shop at our local independent book dealer for everything, but since your books aren't available in the States and several of the other sources that you listed don't have full stock, I'm forced to turn to Amazon UK. A site I should add, that has allowed this Anglophile to enjoy her favorite British writers and tv shows for many years. I get that Amazon is the devil's workshop and all, but I truly wish that writers would quit making me feel guilty for buying their books there. Sometimes it is the best/only choice.

Sorry if I sound defensive, I'm just happy to be able to buy this stuff at all.

Cheers to you, Bear and the rest of the menagerie.

fifowkes said...

Oh fantastic news, Tom - cannot wait for the next instalment! Long live The Bear (ans Sweary Shipley, Ralphy Mittens, Roscoe for Batman, & Gorgeous George!)