Sunday 21 February 2010

Random Selection From The Cat Dictionary

Setting A Pissident
To urinate in a completely new and innovative place, instigating a trend for such action amongst your fellow felines. Born leaders but also kind of snotty, cats who set a pissident know that their originality comes at a price, and, upon seeing others follow lamely in their wake, can often be heard to mutter comments like "here come the mindless vultures, picking over the corpse of my brilliance" and "now I know how The Beatles must have felt when they heard the Marmalade's cover of Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da."


marmi said...

My sister returned after a long weekend to be told by the cat sitter that the litter tray had not been used. There were no puddles or similar anywhere. Sis was puzzled. A few days later sis noticed the cheeseplant looked very sorry for itself. There was the answer to where Spice had chosen to toilet.

jmuhj said...

Our person thoughtfully places numerous cat beds, cat cups, and cat baskets with soft, inviting linings throughout the house, especially near windows so we can have Cat0Vision. Need we say more?