Wednesday 18 November 2009

Single Life With Cats: A Blog (well, two, in a way)

What is it that makes some men scared of cats?
I wrote a bit about this here. It's also a question Tamar Arslanian (that's one of her moggers pictured above) asks in her new blog, I Have Cat, which is all about being a single New York girl with cats, and the preconceptions that go with it. As I mentioned a few blog posts ago, I'm single these days, and I do worry a bit about the way the outside world might perceive a man living alone with four cats. But the popular line of thinking seems to be that the situation is far worse for women. I've had a few conversations with female friends recently who are single and either haven't got a cat, or have resisted getting more cats, purely because they are worried about being "that cat woman".

Tamara has also written about cat-loving men in one of of latest posts. She calls them "secure with their sexuality", "evolved", "confident" and "patient and accepting". Obviously I'm not at all qualified to comment on that, and I also know that I have many dog man friends who have some of these qualities, but what do you think? Does being a cat lover really say anything about a man's personality? Or does it just mean that they love cats?


GLOGIRLY said...

I love Tamar's blog. Both links are great reads. I used to think it would be no big deal to be "single with cat." However I've seen a lot of wacko things out there since my own cat has started blogging. (no, I'm NOT a crazy cat lady)

There's even a website called It's a social networking/dating service for cat lovers. If you want to be scared, go to the website and watch their spokes-model explain the whole thing. Yikes!


xoreds said...

loved your hubby has to live with our 3 babies...definately
check out my halloween spook-catular post!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I married a "dog man", but converted him to cats (it helps we have a Siamese and an Oriental, the most dog-like of cats). He loves his furry girls. I think if a man likes or loves cats it shows he has a bit more confidence, the sort of self esteem that doesn't rely on what the rest of the world thinks. A man who will willingly declare he is a fan of the feline shows he has the strength of character to stand up against what's generally considered manly. And there's something a little alluring and totally snog-worthy about a bloke who'll pick up a pusscat and blow raspberries on her furry tummy.

T said...

dancingmorganmouse - I couldn't agree more!

Now come someone over there on the OTHER side of the pond tell me what a "mog" or "mogger" is??


Caricat said...

Agree totally, dancingmorganmouse. My preference is a cat-man, every time!

Anonymous said...

It was my husband who turned me into a cat-lover - I'd never really liked them before I met him & his parents' cat, as my family only went in for dogs or rodents. If I was single again I would never even consider dating someone who wasn't a cat man - I'd need someone who understood why I have to stop and clap every cat I walk past!

Oh, and Tamar, a moggie or mog is just your average bog-standard cat, the equivalent of a mongrel dog, although it's often used to mean any cat.

Julie said...

Well Paul Klusman, the 'Engineer's guide' cat man on youtube gets lot's of female admirers. Many of them cat women, I think.
Personally as a single woman with five cats I now just refer to myself as a 'crazy cat lady'. I think I'm fine so long as I don't get to he 'wearing sweatshirts with photos of cats on' stage.
I have now also just acquired a rescue guinea pig (in a VERY secure cage, I might add) so I'm not sure if that just makes me a 'crazy animal lady' now -which sounds quite scary, really...

Mog said...

I am a cat lady and proud! when I was a goth I had a white cat (The Eric) who used to make sure he rubbed all round me on my way out.I always had 6 cats at home when growing up.
I was single by choice for over 5 years. Because I lived alone I decided to get a dog (Honeybun) for company and safety. Then came Freckle, a semi stray cat who was living in my Mum's garden having been chucked out by her owner. Four years on I got two kittens, Villi and Lentil. Lentil now lives at my parents. Then a few months ago I got Bramble, another kitten who had needed a home. If anyone ever called me a 'cat lady' then I would be chuffed to bits. Even my dog loves cats.
I met my partner Kerry who was neither a dog nor cat man but who now is totally 100% under the paw.

A cat is the soul of a home.

Unknown said...

Well, I'm a crazy cat lady, and a crazy dog lady. There is something of the awwwww factor when a man loves cats. Smae is when a man loves little dogs. A firend of mine's boyfriend looks so sweet cuddling her two chahuahua's (spelling?), and he's a big hairy bloke!

Liz said...

A single man with cats would be very appealing to a single, cat-loving girl I think. If anything it would only improve your chances.