Monday 4 August 2008

Witless-Looking Cats: The Winners

This was difficult. Not just Tough Cats Competition difficult, but REALLY difficult. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because witlessness is a slightly more subtle feline trait than straightforward hardness. Or maybe it's because I'm having a particularly indecisive kind of week (I went to the Rescue Cat Of The Year Awards a few days ago, and I wouldn't have been able to pick a clear winner out of the nominees there either). Whatever the case, after much deliberation, and experimentation - things really got desperate when I showed each of the top three photos to my own King Moron Pablo and ask him to headbutt the one he liked best, only for him to simply look vacantly at me with his tongue sticking out and fall asleep on my keyboard - I've decided that, instead of awarding first, second and third places, joint first place will be awarded to the following three beautiful simpletons (although it should be stated, just for the record, that when it comes to littlecatdiaries' "special" achievers, every feline cretin is a winner).

So, in no order whatsoever:

1. Spam (okay, so maybe the bag was placed there by his owner, Bill, but we have no proof, and it's very funny anyway).

2. Mitchell (don't you just sense that Mitchell has a totally demented meow?).

3. Murrt (one littlecatdiaries reader remarked on the resemblance between Murrt and Zoe Wannamaker, which is indeed uncanny: no insult to Mrs W herself, but it takes a special cat cretinosity to be that wonky-eyed, and I speak as one with daily firsthand experience of some pretty bozzed up moggy peepers).

A huge thanks to everyone for their pictures, and congratulations to the respective winning owners, Bill, Jane and Lisa. You'll each be receiving a signed copy of Under The Paw: Confessions Of A Cat Man very shortly.


Anonymous said...

Well done!
I absolutely LOVE Murrt's pic - he's been my desktop image for days now.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Brilliant Tom!!! Completely agree with the result!!! Sweet witless creatures. Mitchell looks such a character.

jb said...

Thankyou so much Tom - Mitchell is very pleased with himself in a sort of village idiot way!

Liessa said...

Murrt is very pleased to have his witlessness acknowledged :-D
He's the first cat I've ever known not to be very intelligent, he really is a big dope. We refer to him, affectionately of course, as The Big Grey Fool. If we leave the door to the kitchen closed over but off the latch, he will just sit in front of it until someone pushes it for him, he can't seem to figure out that if he just walked into it it would open. Luckily he has his adopted brother Ozzy to look out for him.
>^..^< >^..^<

jb said...

My book arrived today - thankyou so much - very much looking forward to reading it to Mitchell!

Anonymous said...

Excellent choices! I love Mitchell and Murrt so much; their expressions had me in stitches. Spam is fab too, absolutely classic displays of witlessness there!

I would have submitted one of my cats (Knives) for this competition since he's a right berk, LOL. Unfortunately I just couldn't seem to locate the particular photo I had in mind to send, it was really "Durr?!" Even so, I'm not sure he could really compete with these guys anyway! Hehehe! ;D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom

The book arrived and was consumed by the mrs in 24 hours, she loved it.I've now snatched it back and am wanting the Bear's kittens already (If only he could).
Spam, Egg and Chips were all shown the lovely hard-back but feigned disinterest as always, although Chips has been known to eat books.

If you want more evidence of cat stupidity in the future, do get in touch, I've got hundreds of photo's.