Monday 7 November 2011

The Difference Between An Encounter Between Two Dogs And An Encounter Between Two Cats

The difference between an encounter between two dogs and an encounter between two cats can be compared to the difference between watching a pair of boozed-up football hooligans greeting each other on the street and watching two college professors - one of whom has recently slept with the other's wife and given his book a scathing review in an academic journal - size each other up over the creme de menthe at a dinner party.

Read Under The Paw.
Read the sequel, Talk To The Tail.


Julie said...

So completely true.

Unknown said...

I love your wit! I have been chuckling to myself since Monday about this post.

Cindy L said...

Very true ... thanks for the entertainment. I'm a cat fancier and obtaining a new dog is on my wish list :-)