Thursday 14 April 2011

Writers And Cats Blog

Absolutely love this collection of photos of authors with their cats. Okay, the blog is actually called Writers And Kitties, but I have an aversion to the word "kitties" in much the same way I have an aversion to the word "herbs" being prounced "erbs", so I have changed it for my own convenience.

This is Patricia Highsmith. I like her books, and once wrote piece about her for The Guardian. My guess is that, if she ever used an online dating site, she probably took the advice of friends, and left this pic out of her profile:

This is Don DeLillo. I like some of his books, except not quite as many of them as I did when I was 22, and more pretentious:

More here....


Lyn said...

Have you any of Deric Longden's books? very funny and sometimes sad (much like yours!)well worth a read if you like reading about living with cats.

Liz Tynan said...

Greatly enjoyed seeing writers and their cats (I am with you on the "kitties" question). I am reading the new Joyce Carol Oates book A Widow's Story and she mentions her cats frequently. Poignant to see her pictured with one. It is also heartening for me to see one of my favourite authors, Albert Camus, with a cat. Whenever I discover that a writer loves cats, they go up that little bit extra in my estimation.

Genine said...

Lyn - I am a fellow Deric Longden fan, he's a brilliant, lovely and funny man. Apart from our Tom, he's the best when it comes to cat literature. (Is that how you refer to 'writing about cats' - cat literature?)

Phil said...

2nd picture:

When I grow up will I have one whisker too?