Saturday 30 April 2011

A Guide To The Referendum For Cats


Holly said...

Wonderfully original explanation - I know how I'm voting. Plus the ingenious addition of an excerpt from the mighty 'He-Man' has resulted in my misty-eyed reminiscing of 1970/80s children's television, like the misty-eyed fool that I am.

BigSexyBob said...

Very enlightening! However, we (me, the Mrs. and our dozen cats) are "across the pond" in the U.S. Can they submit proxy votes? Or is this referendum only for U.K. cats? For more info on what's happening here, we'd be honored if you'd stop by at:

In the meantime, we're off to your personal web page to find out more about your books. We are voracious readers and even have a little on-line bookstore. We do lots of book reviews at:

Hope to hear from you soon and more of your hilarious take on life!! Peace!