Sunday 20 February 2011

Cat Burglar Caught In The Act


Tina said...

I have a Klepto Kitty in the making! Norman is 5 months old & has secret stashes hidden all over the house.

This morning I discovered another stash under my bed.......comprising of pen, eyeshadow applicator, cracker joke & (embarrassingly) panty liner wrapper!

Do I blag him into the police yet or hope he'll reform with age?

myriam said...

I love the part at about 1 min in where they film him taking off for the night... he looks back at the camera, not once, but twice before continuing.... a look that says guilty pleasures await.
" he he, off I go, what can I find tonight?"

Anonymous said...

This animal is a serious k-ato-leptomaniac. Such behaviour is antisocial. Counselling is advised.

B said...