Tuesday 4 January 2011

Giant Foxes

There is some stuff in the news today about giant foxes. It has got lots of people thinking, and talking. It has got me thinking, too. What it has specifically got me thinking is that I would very much like a giant fox, called "Ken".

(Check out more of Jackie Morris' artwork here.)


Unknown said...

We have giant foxes here, they love to Shit on my drive. You are welcome to come and collect Ken and his wife Barbie and kids!

Anonymous said...

A giant fox named Persimmon. Or Marvin.

Julie said...

I was really upset to read that the fox was trapped and killed -and by a vet, no less! -Obviously there is no vet version of the hippocratic oath!
I know they said 'a fox' had killed a cat, but even as a cat lover and owner if that happened to one of mine I wouldn't want the fox killed. If his cat had been killed by a car would he be after all motorists with a high powered rifle (and let's face it, they can chose to drive more slowly, a fox was only acting on instinct when times are hard and the weather is bitter).

Unknown said...

I could not agree more, Julie.