Wednesday 1 October 2008

Cat Of The Month for October: Fluffy-Nuts




"Kristian and Diane from Victoria, Australia."

"Admire me, I am beautiful"

Favourite habits?
"Scratching, preening, snuggling and boxing with my brother"

What constitutes a perfect evening for you?
"Being fed a meal of Fancy Feast at an appropriate hour - I don't like waiting around to be served - before cleaning myself in front of the heater and then letting my she-slave brush my coat to a glossy perfection all the
while cooing about how beautiful I am"

Favourite foods?
"Fancy Feast and raw chicken"
Defining moment of your life?
"Discovering the she-slave was more likely to meet my demands more often and more swiftly than my beloved he-master."

Any enemies (inc people, animals or objects)?
"Zoe, my sister. My she-slave gives her too much attention for my liking. Hence my repeated attacks when she comes out of hiding. Also, I do not like strange people entering my domain. My she-slave and he-master are adequate human companionship for me."

If you could do one thing to make the world better for felines, what would
it be?
"Rid all supermarket shelves of any brand of cat food other than Fancy Feast."

If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be, and why?
"Cesar Millan. I would like him to help me further understand the canine mentality. Living with dogs is often challenging, although a quick swipe to their noses and the corresponding squeals is always enjoyable."

Which one of the cats in Under The Paw would you most like to be stuck in a lift with?
"Initially I would say Ralph, but on second thoughts Bootsy and I would probably have more in common. We could swap masterful human manipulation stories."


shelleycat said...

what a truely magnificent creature, I think I'm in love....

shelleycat said...

what a truely magnificent creature, I think I'm in love...

Dena said...

LOL! Fluffy-Nuts deserves to win on name alone.

away with the happy bunnies said...

Fluffy-Nuts dear .... how on earth did you come to acquire your name? Or is it your 'Uprights' name for you? (it being a well known fact that cats keep their real names a secret known only to themselves) ..... does it not bother a magnificent being such as yourself to have been named with such playful indignity? (your She Slave and He Master must be exceptionally well trained servants to be indulged so!)

Anonymous said...

Oh Cesar Millan. What an amazing guy. He is wonderful.

Roberta said...

What a divine feline interview!

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