Friday, 22 June 2007

7 Ways In Which I Have Tried And Failed To Hurt My Cats' Feelings

1. Using air quotes and a sarcastic inflection whilst saying one of their names (e.g "Yeah, like you've got anything remotely intelligent to say on the subject, 'Delawney'.")

2. Going into "Sensitive Middle Class dad mode" and attempting to show them that by pissing on the side of my new brand new desk/leaving a vole's nose on the step outside the bathroom/breaking an expensive vase with their tail/getting overexuberant while I am cutting up chicken, they have seriously, and possibly irreparably, hurt my feelings (e.g. "Shipley, that is unacceptable. Quite frankly, I'm upset now, and so is D. In fact, we may not even eat dinner at all now, thanks to you. You may think it's okay to claw daddy's leg and yap like a spoilt, preternaturally effeminate terrier now, but what happens one day when you get out into the wide world? Do you think you want to be known as the kind of cat who climbs up people's legs any time he sees some raw meat he fancies? Do you think grown-up people will still like you, after you get a reputation for doing things like that? Hmm? Hmm? What have you got to say for yourself?").

3. Freaking them out by repeatedly rewinding the Sky Plus and replaying noises from nature programmes made by bigger, tougher cats (actually, this almost works).

4. Attempting to defuse an incident of living room megalomania by referring to painful memories from the out-of-control culprit's childhood ("Fine, The Bear, snub this expensive new luxury cat igloo and wee on the curtain if you want... It's not as if I expected anything else from someone who comes from a family rife with incest and grew up in a place like Plaistow.")

5. Threatening to video their noisiest bottom-cleaning sessions and post them on Youtube.

6. Using the phase "You think you're tough, but you wouldn't last five sodding minutes in the Serengeti, matey" after one of them has stormed off in the aftermath of a flea treatment.

7. Getting home and being swamped by all six of the little gits (all of whom ignored me earlier but have now got hungry, and mysteriously changed their tune) but blanking them and waving to a more interesting, good-looking cat that I have pretended to spot on the other side of the kitchen.


Jane said...

Thats funny,but i heard another funny thing recently.My daughters teacher at college has 2 cats and when she found a mouse on the floor,she said that the cats told her it poked his head thru the flap and buried it's head in the floor and that they had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the death!!! LOL

olracUK said...

but the ultimate - open the fridge door and say, "ah-ha - the ham seems to have mysteriously transported itself three dors down the road to the little old lady who just happens to smell of the same perfume as you" whilst obviously enjoying a piece of ham myself.

mERKO said...

For my brother and me, we share in the enjoyment of occasionally changing our cats names from a female to a male version of the same name and vice versa. For example, our cat Bam (male) would be referred to as ‘Pamela’ and Ebony (female) would be ‘Jimmeny Ebony’. It is used as though being referred to as the opposite sex is a slight on their character.
Obviously, their feeling remain unharmed and to be honest they seem to act quite oblivious.

Anonymous said...

haha that's brilliant but i'm not sure i ever have the need to say these things to my two cats. the only time they really are pests is when they repeatedly walk over the keyboard in some lame want for attention. it usually ends up with a 'get your but out of my face cat!' or 'what the, GET OFF! damn you cat!' but either way they make no attempts to run away but continue to purr and rub their faces on the monitor. how can i stay mad? all in all they usually end up getting a cuddle or a treat to keep them occupied :o) which i secretly enjoy anyway.